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About pure buddisum

Group Founder: upside
Description: U can got knowldge about pure buddisum
Group Type: Public join
Members: 42
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Buddhism

Topics (8)

go NON VIOLENCE (3) banki
saw monks get im fite wit gov. troops in sri lanka. is that against non violence principle?

go Pls help me seek enlightenment... (5) daizy81
I'm very new to Buddhism so i was wondering if someone could answer a few of my questions. I know Buddhism is the correct path to eternal happiness but need help starting my journey. Thank you in adva...

go buddha! (4) hemu_tel
m new ere.m of opinion dat buddisum is most scientific religion!

go hi any1 live near long beach c (0) marleeny
Hi there does any1 live near long beach ca. if so would u like to hang out and talk. i would love to learn more about buddisum.

go Compassion (0) klatroo
This is my Mantra:***NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO***

go Hi to everyone (1) tutara
Hi thereI just had to move house, so live 2 hours away from my Dharma Centre and don't get to visit as often as I would like.This seems a good opportunity to reach out and make contact with other peop...

go love (3) dennmul
how can u teach pple abt love and Bhudda.

go are there any buddists in capetown southafrica (0) grobee
Hi looking2learn more about buddhism